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Huge fun horse riding experiences across the UK
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Riding experiences around the UK with YOU in the saddle!

About Beach Riding

What is beach riding?

Beach riding experiences

What could be better than the smell of the sea and the feel of the wind in your hair as you gallop along the beach.

When you are introduced to your horse and set off on this mini adventure, you will leave all your cares and the stress of modern day living behind. 

Step back in time and see the scenery the way our ancestors would have seen it - from horseback.  Whether the waves are gently lapping at the shore or pounding on the beach you will be transformed into a different world where your senses will be truly awaken to the new experience.

The miles of sand stretching out before you makes a pleasant change to the busy streets and congestion we see in our everyday lives.  A beach ride can be gentle or relaxing or exhilarating and exciting depending on the weather and how you feel. This really is a dream come true for horse riders - so what are you waiting for...

Beach Riding Experiences

Take part in a beach riding experience yourself !

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