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Huge fun horse riding experiences across the UK
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Riding experiences around the UK with YOU in the saddle!

About Pony Hacking

What is pony hacking?

Pony hacking experiences

There is no better way to see the British countryside than from horseback. Tackling different terrain is one of the more exciting aspects of getting away from the riding school and out on the open roads. Once in the countryside there are simply dozens of paths and bridleways just waiting to be explored!

A lot of hacks will involve some road riding so it is important that the rules of the road are observed and you always ride in single file on the same side of the road travelling in the same direction as the traffic. Generally for road rides you will have an experienced rider at the front and rear of the group to ensure your safety. The last half mile of a hack will usually be done at walking pace to allow the horse to cool down before returning to the stables.

What is the difference between hacking and trekking?

Hacking is slightly more involved than trekking as you do need to have some degree of experience before you are able to venture onto the roads.  Riders are usually assessed before partaking in a hack, as they need to be able to show that they can control a horse on a busy road or if he becomes nervous.  Hacking can take place on roads or through fields and bridleways and can be defined as a more advanced trek.  It covers more challenging terrain and requires a lot more skill. You will also be able to step up a gear and canter, gallop etc...

How long will the experiences last?

A trek can be anything from an hour to a full day. For the longer treks, comfortable clothing is very important and depending upon the length of the experience, there will be a few breaks along the way for your horse to have a drink and for you to have some lunch and get to know your fellow trekkers!

What is the duration of a hack?

Hacks can last from half an hour to half a day through to a full day, overnight trips or holiday adventures.

Is hacking for me?

If you have some riding experience under your hat and are looking for the ideal ‘stress buster’ than a hack could be just the thing for you as it gives you the chance to really ‘get away from it all’. You can escape from the confines of the riding school and into the big wide world where you can make practical use of your riding skills. You are sure to encounter some exhilarating moments along the way!  .

Pony Hacking Experiences

Take part in a pony hack yourself !

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