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Huge fun horse riding experiences across the UK
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Riding experiences around the UK with YOU in the saddle!

About Polo

What is Polo?

Polo experiences

Polo is an exciting game which lasts for one hour and is divided into six periods called ‘chukkas’ each lasting 7.5 minutes. You will join a team of four mounted players and depending upon your experience will be given a particular role to play.

The team

The least experienced player will be called the number one and will be the person responsible for scoring goals in an offensive position. He/she is the one who can revel in the glory if the team wins!

A slightly more experienced player will take the number two position and ride the fastest horse.

The number three player is often seen as the leader of the team and is responsible for defense and turning every ball into an attack against the opposition.

The number four player will act as the main defense for your team and will try to stop the opposition from scoring.


Goals are scored by driving the ball into the opposition’s goal post using a long handled mallet. Female players will use a lighter mallet than the males and the length of the mallet will vary according to the size of the horse. For the inexperienced, there will be some dismounted practice holding and swinging the stick before the game commences. The rules of the game are administered by two mounted umpires and a referee.

What to wear

Players will be provided with a proper code of dress on the day which consists of a protective helmet (usually of a distinctive colour so as observers can distinguish between riders), riding boots to just below the knees, white trousers ( often denim jeans) and a coloured shirt bearing the number of the players position. Optional equipment includes gloves, wristbands and knee pads.

Polo Experiences

Take part in a polo experience yourself !



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