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About Show Jumping

What is Show Jumping?

show jumping experiences

Despite ponies in the wild never really having a need to jump unless escaping from danger many of them seem to have a natural aptitude for it. Show-jumping requires bravery, obedience, speed, agility and plenty of stamina – and that’s just the horse!

How are classes organised?

Classes are generally limited by pony height (eg 13.2hh and under); rider age (eg under 14) or by experience. Minimus classes are for people who have never won anything. Open classes are as they sound and anyone can enter them. The jumps will be set up differently for each class.

What can I expect from the course?

The course will include straight up and down jumps and also spread jumps. In addition to straight fences there will be combination fences eg doubles and triples. These are set closer together and it is important that the correct angle of approach is taken. The speed of approach also needs to be taken into consideration. Water jumps will also be part of the course – both broad troughs of water with a low fence or maybe a higher fence with a ditch. Before the competitive riding starts, the riders walk the course to take a closer look at the fences and the ground conditions. In addition to memorizing the course the rider may also need to work out any awkward stride patterns that are required.

How do I win?

Most competitions have two rounds. In the first the aim is to get round without any mistakes (faults). All competitors that jump clear on the first round will then be invited to jump a second round against the clock. Usually the round will be shorter but the jumps may be higher. The jumps must be jumped in the correct order (they are numbered) but the route taken around the course is up to the rider. A longer route to avoid sharp turns may suit some horses.

Show Jumping Experiences

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