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Huge fun horse riding experiences across the UK
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Riding experiences around the UK with YOU in the saddle!

About Cross Country

What is cross country?

Cross country riding experiences

The most exciting place to discover talent is within yourself and a cross county riding experience will give you the opportunity to find those hidden talents.

The course starts off with a walk around the track and then it’s time for horse and rider to work in unison and face up to challenges which are typical of a cross-country experience.

Brace yourself as you leap across natural obstacles such as tree trunks, stiles, stone walls, gates and hedges, ditches whilst riding up or down a shallow slop. There are shorter courses and smaller obstacles for beginners and longer more demanding hurdles with sharper turns for those like to go that ‘extra mile’.

This fuel pumped activity is definitely not for the faint hearted or for anyone who is physically unfit but for those who like to ‘live life on the edge’, a cross country riding experience will open up a whole new world of rewarding and challenging feats.

Expect to find obstacles which will test both your horse and your confidence as you partake in an endurance test which will rely solely on speed, skill and jumping ability to demonstrate your riding knowledge and combine your talents into a mile or two of ‘quick reaction’ responses.

Cross Country Experiences

Take part in a cross country experience yourself !



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